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As a leader, what if you could shift the lens you are looking through today to get a new view that might serve you and the enterprise in much more enriching ways?  What if, through your intentions, attention and resources, you could bring that new view to life?


In this book, The Big Picture: Breathing Life into Our Organizations, I offer my view of current reality in many organizations today and where I think we are missing the boat

on being able to capitalize on our individual and collective potential. For starters, we’re not asking the questions that

need to be asked. 

I then explore important topics to focus on that will give us some answers to those questions, including a new metaphor/mindset for seeing our organizations; how we innovate; how we thrive together; as well as an expanded concept of Visual Thinking and how it can be applied to people’s decision-making, problem solving, conflict resolution and communications/conversations.

For the most part, this book is about the Human side of business and organizational life. It’s about how business is transacted and transformed. It’s about how we really get things done.


I had to learn into this book over the years. What has remained consistent for me is that, when all is said and done, the most important thing in this world is our humanity, both as individuals and our connections and relationships to each other. 


Please read on. . .

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