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Table of Contents

Setting the Context



Organizational Life


Current Reality 

  • The Ideal as Comparison

  • Current Metaphor and Mindset

  • Two Aspects of Organizations – The Unhealthy View

  • The Black Hole of Decision Making

  • Thoughtless Meetings

  • What You Actually Get

  • Where We’re Missing the Boat


A New Metaphor - an analysis


People Intelligence - Individual people and the relational field among them  

  • Engaging the Whole Person 

  • Building a Climate of Trust 

  • Listening 


Creativity and Innovation - Individual and collective creativity and breakthrough thinking  

  • Creativity and Innovation lead in 

  • The Brain 

  • The Whole Brain 

  • Informality and Humor 

  • Creativity 

  • Creativity and Innovation in Groups 


Healthy Organizations - Fostering organizational health  

  • The 7 Realms of Wellness 

  • Another Perspective on Organizational Health 

  • Two Lenses on the Use of Attention and Energy 

  • From Knowing to Learning – How People Learn 

  • From Knowing to Learning – Asking Questions 


Working Together - Working well together and seeing ourselves working together  

  • How Work Really Gets Done 

  • The Ideal – In the Flow State 

  • Some Common Sense from Nature 

  • Seeing Ourselves Being Together 

  • Collective Experience 

  • Another Collective Experience



Process Intelligence - Engaging people and creating conditions for inspired collaboration  

  • Process Intelligence lead in 

  • Meetings 

  • Agenda Design 

  • The Mystery of Process 

  • A New Thought on Processes 

  • Space – The Final Frontier 

  • Facilitation 


Letting Go of Old, Tired Ways 


Visual Intelligence - Making the invisible visible 
  • Visual Intelligence/Visual Thinking lead in

  • The Cocktail Party

  • Metaphor

  • Business Case using Metaphor and Graphic Facilitation


Why Use Visuals - Breathing life into our individual and collective endeavors 

  • Why Use Visuals 

  • Visual Thinking in Action – 5 vignettes

  • Visual Thinking in Practice


A Deeper Dive into Graphic Facilitation - Exploring an extraordinary visual thinking tool and approach  

  • Graphic Facilitation lead in 

  • A Visual Intelligence Neighborhood

  • Inherent Natures 

  • Graphic Facilitation from a Process Facilitator's Perspective

  • Summary 

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